FAQ - Installing Aesthetic World Visions™

Q: [version 1.01] INSTALLING ON A SYSTEM WITH LESS THAN 16 MB OF RAM - My computer has less than 16 MB of RAM.  Is there any way to install the Aesthetic World Visions™ trial version without having the "16 MB message" come up?

A:  The Aesthetic World Visions™ installer checks to make sure your computer has at least 16 MB of RAM.   Currently, the installation will abort if your computer has less than 16 MB of RAM.   This issue is being addressed in the next version of the installer, which will give you the option of installing Aesthetic World Visions™ if your computer has less than the required 16 MB of RAM.  The new installer should be available by the end of February.


Q:  [version 1.01] INSTALLATION ERROR: "Error occurred during the move data process: 115"
- While trying to install Aesthetic World Visions™, I receive the following error message:  "An error occurred during the move data process: 115".

A:  This error can be caused by one of the following:
     1. The installer does not allow Aesthetic World Visions™ to be installed in the root (i.e., top-most) directory.  For example, on the "C:" hard drive, the root directory would be the top-most directory on that drive (C:\).  Please install into a non-root directory.
     2. If installing under Windows NT, please verify that you have "write" privileges to the drive you plan to install onto, and avoid installing into the root directory (see #1 above).



Q: [version 1.00 only] INSTALLATION ERROR FOR COMPUTERS WITH PENTIUM-CLASS CHIPS NOT MADE BY INTEL (i.e., Cyrix, AMD, etc.) - Installation is aborted if no Intel Pentium brand chip is detected on the computer system, regardless of whether the user has a comparable or better chip (i.e., Cyrix x586, x686, AMD K6, etc.).

A:  This error has been fixed in the current release of Aesthetic World Visions™ (1.01).  Please download the latest (1.1) version.  If you have downloaded Aesthetic World Visions™ version 1.00 prior to 12/18/97 and have a non-Intel brand Pentium-class chip on your computer, you should download Aesthetic World Visions 1.01.