cl_1_boxsm.JPG (4991 bytes) Component Library 1
Version 1.0

Product Information


Component Library 1
45 NEW 3D- Components

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Component Library 1.0 is a collection of creatively designed home and office furniture and accessories. Some of the components include customizeable textures. Use your own "fabric" to re-upholster the couch. Change the "wood" on the bookcase to suit your specifications. Put your own products or family photos on the big screen TV or the desktop computer monitor.

S y s t e m  R e q u i r e m e n t s

Operating Systems: Windows 95, 98, or NT 4
Program: World Visions 1.1 or later
Hard Disk Space: 2 MB

F e a t u r e s

  • Easy - one step installation
  • Library includes 45 NEW components :

desk_accessories_sm.jpg (6425 bytes)
Desk accessories

office_furniture_sm.jpg (5599 bytes)
Office furniture

Image21sm.jpg (6000 bytes)
Home furnishings

  • Desk accessories - ballpoint pen, pencils (sharpened and unsharpened), inkwell, stapler, desklamp, high-tech computer monitor

  • Office furniture - desk, two bookshelves, computer chair, file cabinet, storage cabinet, vending machine (loaded with snacks), two cubicle partitions, two unique counter designs, exit sign
  • Home furnishings - customizeable couch, upholstered chair, cripple-wall with wood railing, glass-front display case, wall unit, television, big-screen television, table lamp, floor lamp, ceiling fan, wine bottle with custom label, wine glass, champagne glass, six table designs, four- burner stove, decorated clay pot, decorated clay vase 
  • Outdoor furnishings - patio table with umbrella, patio chair, fountain with moving water