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PC Week
January 9, 1998

Aesthetic Preps Virtual Reality Component Tool

By Brian Hannon

quote-rosenthal-bl.gif (2743 bytes)Aesthetic Solutions Inc. is preparing to post the beta version of Component Visions, a design tool that will enable construction of three-dimensional objects that can be imported into the company's World Visions virtual reality environment.

Component Visions, which will be available for a beta download later this month from the company's Web site at, is expected in the second quarter for less than $500, said officials of the Aliso Viejo, Calif., company.

World Visions, which includes libraries with predefined components, allows adjustments to the objects in a virtual reality world. World Visions is now available on Aesthetic's Web site and is scheduled to hit store shelves within a month. The regular price of World Visions is $130, but the downloaded version will be cut to $80 if downloaded before Jan. 31.

World Visions, which can export to VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) browsers, enables users to adjust an object's size, color and texture. Users can also add animation using Windows-like components such as drop-down tool bars and drag-and-drop formats.

Component Visions constructs 3-D models using an interactive visual representation of the modeling language.the model. The objects constructed with the product can be embedded in an HTML page.

Larry Rosenthal, owner of 3-D Web site Starbase C3, uses Component Visions and World Visions to create items and to allow users to assemble 3-D models and other fantasy creations in a World Visions environment. The majority of Rosenthal's users are hobbyists and enthusiasts with entry-level virtual reality skills."They need a simple tool," he said. "By far it's the easiest program to export to VRML."

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