- Virtual Reality -


Virtual Reality (VR) is a technology that makes use of 3D graphics, simulation, and special interfacing devices (e.g., Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs), data gloves, 3D mice, etc.) to engage the senses more naturally and thereby create an environment that facilitates more intuitive interaction with an application and its content. VR can be used for a variety of purposes, including the modeling of places in the real world (e.g., architectural walkthroughs), the construction of fictional worlds (e.g., an alien planet in a game), and the communication by analogy with the familiar (e.g., a virtual city representation of the Web).
emeraldCity screenshot (3923 bytes)To experience a taste of interactive 3D for yourself, please visit our Gallery of Virtual 3D Worlds -- no special Virtual Reality interface devices (e.g., Head-Mounted Displays, data gloves, etc.) are required!