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F  E  A  T   U  R  E  D     V  I  R  T  U  A  L     3  D     W  O  R  L  D  S
Virtual Office
Virtual Office image (2108 bytes) office scene image 2 (2654 bytes) office scene image 3 (2851 bytes)
Explore the interior of a chic, modern office building.

Join STARBASE C3™ as it sends out an expeditionary team to explore a newly discovered planet.

StarBase C3 image (2106 bytes) spacestation scene image 3 (3232 bytes) spacestation scene image 1 (2417 bytes)
New Museum
museum scene image 2 (3128 bytes) New Museum image (3192 bytes)
Welcome to a museum unlike any museum you've ever seen before!

Brings new meaning to the phrase, "Real Time 3D" -- Clockworks is a giant, fully-functional clock tower.

clock1.jpg (1596 bytes) Clockworks image (1786 bytes)

Submit your 3D Worlds

If you have a cool world created with the Aesthetic Visions™ tools, please share it with us!  We're looking forward to seeing how your creative minds are pushing the envelope with the Aesthetic Visions™ Virtual Reality Authoring Toolset! Submit your 3D worlds (WorldVisions™  *.arl source files) attached in an e-mail message to: webmaster@aesthetic.com

How to view the VRML Virtual Worlds

Viewing the VRML virtual worlds generally requires a PC computer with a 586 (e.g., Pentium) processor or a Macintosh PowerPC computer and at least 16 MB of RAM. Also, a VRML 2.0 viewer plug-in for your web browser is required. A VRML viewer plug-in is a small program that allows you to view 3D scenes within your web browser. If your web browser does not currently have a VRML viewer plug-in installed, you will have to download and install it.
Refer to the table below for the VRML viewer plug-in(s) available for your web browser. You may download a VRML viewer plug-in by clicking on its name in the table below:

Get VRML 2.0 ('97) Plugins



 nslogo.jpg (826 bytes) Netscape Navigator

 nscmlogo.gif (948 bytes) Netscape Communicator

Download Intervista WorldView (Mac or PC),
Download SGI Cosmo Player (PC only)
 msielogo2.gif (1003 bytes) Microsoft Internet Explorer Download Intervista WorldView (PC only),
Download Microsoft VRML 2.0 viewer (PC only)

(*The virtual worlds created using Aesthetic Visions™ tools generally look best when viewed using Cosmo Player)


Tips on viewing the VRML Virtual Worlds

Because the virtual 3D worlds are multimedia intensive, you may experience slow performance while navigating through them. Here are some helpful tips for increasing navigation performance:
1. Quit out of any other running applications (i.e., only have your web browser running).
2. Resize your browser window smaller. In this case, view the 3D world in the "small viewing window" instead of the "standard viewing window" (see below).
3. For WorldView plug-in users, set the "Graphics When Moving" setting to "Flat Shading" rendering mode.
4. For WorldView plug-in users, turn the Prevent Collisions setting "OFF" so that you may travel "through" buildings and other objects in the scene. Walking through a world with the Prevent Collisions setting "ON" may slow you down and become frustrating, since you'll have to walk around all buildings and other objects in the scene.
5. For Cosmo plug-in users, turn the Gravity setting "OFF" if you want to raise or lower your view of the scene. When the Gravity setting is "ON", you will be automatically brought back to ground level if you move above or below the ground level.