Virtual Office - by Larry Cottrell
(construction time 1 hour 37 minutes)

Explore the interior of a chic, modern office building.
The Virtual Office scene is a VRML 2.0 world that was created using the
Aesthetic World Visions™ interactive 3D-world builder tool.
Noteable World Features:
  • Actual Working Wall Clock (It displays your current system time)
    hint: It's located in the side office with the cactus
  • Office Building within an Office Building (See if you can find it)
  • Try stepping outside the building and peering through the windows
Recommended Browser Settings:
  • Gravity Off

  • Use the veiwpoints to take a virtual tour


Sorry, but a VRML 2.0 viewer plug-in must be installed in your browser in order to view the Virtual Office!

Click this text to download the WorldVision™ file to see how it was done. (note the object texture files are not provided)

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