Starbase - by Aesthetic Solutions
(construction time 21  minutes)

Join STARBASE C3™ as it sends out an expeditionary team to explore a newly discovered planet.  If you look closely, you can see the small shuttle craft making its way toward the fiery orange planet, then returning to STARBASE C3™.  The STARBASE C3™ scene is a VRML 2.0 world that was created using the World Visions™ interactive 3D-world builder tool and features 3D models (i.e., the STARBASE C3™ space station and shuttle craft) created by Larry Rosenthal of STARBASE C3™: The Starship Construction Site.  We used the improved importing capability first introduced in World Visions1.01 to convert Larry's 3D models into components for use in our World Visions™ scene.
Noteable World Features:
  • Shuttlecraft moving between the space station and the planet surface
  • Orbital Paths
Recommended Browser Settings:
  • Gravity Off

  • Use the viewpoints to float around the scene


Sorry, but a VRML 2.0 viewer plug-in must be installed in your browser in order to view the Virtual Office!

Sorry !!! Due to the proprietary nature of the models used in the construction of this world, we cannot supply the WorldVision™ source file.

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