Free Coffee 'n Donuts - by Aesthetic Solutions
(construction time 13  minutes)

Ever had a hankerin' for a couple of donuts and a cup o' joe?
You can eat as many of these digital beauties as you like without gaining a single pound.
Noteable World Features:
  • Free donuts
  • Free Coffee - truly a bottomless cup of coffee
Recommended Browser Settings:
  • Gravity Off


Sorry, but a VRML 2.0 viewer plug-in must be installed in your browser in order to view the Virtual Office!

FREE Donuts !!!
Click here to download a file with the geometry and texture files. Make the geometry file into a  component by Importing it into World Visions using the import feature. Be  sure to copy the texture file into your Geometry directory. When you place a donut in your scene, set the scale for X,Y, and Z to 0.02 to bring it back into real world proportions.

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