Clockworks - by Aesthetic Solutions
(construction time 27 minutes)

This world brings new meaning to the phrase, "Real Time 3D" -- Clockworks is a giant, fully-functional clock tower.  The clock face displays the actual time maintained by your computer's own system clock!  This beautiful piece of art features a fine wooden finish and a revolving dias that has a familiar figurine on it.   For an interesting viewing effect, turn off your VRML browser's default headlight while viewing this scene.  The Clockworks scene is a VRML 2.0 world that was created using the World Visions™ interactive 3D-world builder tool.
Noteable World Features:
  • Actual Working Clock (It displays your current system time)
  • Built with "imageTexture" primitives in a very short time
Recommended Browser Settings:
  • Gravity Off

  • Optional - Turn headlight Off
  • Use the viewpoints to tour the clocktower


Sorry, but a VRML 2.0 viewer plug-in must be installed in your browser in order to view the Virtual Office!

Click this text to download the WorldVision™ file to see how it was done. (note the object texture files are not provided)

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