Download Information

Thank you for your interest in the World Visions interactive 3D-world builder.   Please verify that your computer satisfies the system requirements before downloading.  In order to download  World Visions 1.2, please read the instructions below and provide the required information.

World Visions 1.2
System Requirements:

- Windows 95, 98, NT
- Pentium 100 Mhz or higher
- 16 MB RAM (32 MB recommended)
- 16 MB hard disk space (*note: download file is 10.6 MB)

Please read the following notes before downloading World Visions™:

Please note that World Visions is not currently a supported product.

You are welcome to download and use it for free, but no support can be provided at this time. We should be starting a mailing list soon for notification in the event we begin developing a new version of World Visions. Check the web site for an update on this.

Download World Visions 1.2

World Visions Tutorial