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Aesthetic World Visions™ Demo / Tutorial

     Thank you for your interest in the World Visions Interactive 3D-World Builder, the first in the Aesthetic Visions™ family of VR/VRML Authoring Tools.

     You may view an interactive demonstration of the World Visions™ Interactive 3D-World Builder tool directly over the internet.

     This "demo via the internet" capability is currently available for Windows platform computers only.   Apologies to users of other platforms...

To view the World Visions Demo over the internet:

     View the interactive World Visions demo directly from this website in one single step. Simply click the "DemoNow" Setup Button below to begin. Netscape users must install the DemoNow browser plug-in before the Setup Button will be visible and active.

  Netscape users:
You will need the DemoNow browser plug-in in order to view the World Visions demo. If you do not already have the DemoNow Plugin, download the plug-in installer file now and double click on it to have the plug-in automatically install on your system. Click here twice after the DemoNow plug-in installer has completed (Note: while clicking twice, this page will remain the same in appearance). You do not need to restart your browser. After the DemoNow plug-in is installed, the Setup Button described below will be visible and active.
                                                                                                                              View the World Visions™ Demo
Click the DemoNow Button at left to initiate the demonstration.
(if the DemoNow Button is not visible, you must install the DemoNow browser plug-in -- see "Netscape users" section above.)

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